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Golden Hive operates a modern and advanced processing facility , the purpose-built factory produces a full range of New Zealand honey and successfully exports to most major international markets.

The extraordinary value of honey is in its purity. The delicate balance of New Zealand’s native environment must be treated with the highest respect in order to protect its unique beauty.

We ensure this by managing every step of the harvesting process, from carrying the hives into the wilderness right through to the point of sale to ensure consistent, high quality honey. Larger companies buy their honey from many varied beekeepers creating a varied scale of quality, taste and nutrients in their final product.

As a company we take immense satisfaction in our ability to witness the bees collecting their honey in the isolation of the New Zealand landscape, and then personally extract the honey from the frames. Our honey is then taken through quality testing and a slow and careful packing process to deliver the final product to our very satisfied customers


Our Technology


Long-term relationships with all official testing laboratories in New Zealand

Advanced processing equipment to guarantee quality and efficient production

24-hour production ability

Using new technology production machine manufactured in 2020

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We personally carry the hives into the wilderness to ensure we source the finest honey.

Honey production

We extract the honey from the frames and then take it through quality testing and a slow and careful packing process.

Direct supply

From there, we deliver the final product to our very satisfied customers.

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