New Zealand

By virtue of its clean atmospheric conditions, New Zealand grows some of the world’s most nutritionally superior plants and food ingredients. In addition, more than 80% of New Zealand’s plants are found nowhere else in the world.  For example, Manuka trees are native New Zealand plants which could only be found here.  The country provides truly unique extracts and ingredients to the health supplement industry.

New Zealand has 15,811 km (9824 miles) of beautiful coastline. The country is also criss-crossed with pristine rivers and lakes, making New Zealand’s marine ecosystems and species one of the most diverse in the world. New Zealand’s coastal waters and habitats are generally held to be of high quality by international standards.

New Zealand honey is creating quite a buzz with its health benefits attracting both the curious and the sweet toothed. New Zealand has thousands of beekeepers managing close to one million hives. Thanks to growing awareness about the unique health benefits of bee products, demand is blossoming around the world.

Sourced from hives located across mountain highlands or low-lying pastures, New Zealand’s wide spectrum of honey flavors and textures reflects the diversity of the country.  We are also committed to protecting the quality, integrity and purity of our honey, and continually meets strict standards to remain world-leading.  The honey industry leverages technology and innovation through all stages of honey production and processing to ensure products are authentic and pure.  The honey industry is driven by a passion for exemplary beekeeping practices and on nurturing their critical role as honey producers and pollinators.

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